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We are a general dental practice that provides comprehensive family, restorative and esthetic dental care to individuals of all ages. Our goal is to be your “dental home” and the source of all your dental needs. We are highly trained and exceptionally qualified to see the “big picture” in terms of your oral health, provide the vast majority of all needed dental care, and coordinate any multidisciplinary care where the services of a specialist are required. We love kids and take great pride in being able to make a child’s visit to the dentist a pleasant experience that can result in the development of a positive attitude about dentistry and dental health. This may be the most valuable service we can provide.

Preventative Dentistry 

As able as we are to deal with the most complex dental problems we would much rather prevent disease than treat it. Preventive dentistry includes thorough, periodic dental examinations, prophylaxis (cleanings), pit and fissure sealants, oral home care coaching, and the application of fluoride or other remineralizing agents. Our approach to prevention is highly individualized and involves the development of a personalized preventive care plan for each patient based on an assessment of their unique risk factors for dental diseases. This plan is continuously monitored and modified as a patients needs change throughout their life. The preventive care aspect of our practice is facilitated largely by our exceptionally experienced and talented hygienists utilizing state of the art technologies including;

  • DIGITAL X-RAYS reduce the exposure to radiation by up to 85%.
  • DIAGNODENT DIGITAL DECAY DETECTION allows us to identify decay in much earlier stages.
  • VIZILITE PLUS ORAL CANCER SCREENING enables us to detect oral cancer at its earliest stages and can save lives.
  • ADVANCED REMINERALIZATION Fluoride is not just for kids anymore. When used regularly, it has been proven to reduce the risk of decay in later life and can significantly reduce tooth hypersensitivity.

Restorative Dentistry

A general practice also involves restorative care which refers to the treatment of diseases and conditions of the mouth including dental caries (decay), periodontal (gum) disease, missing teeth, pulp disease, tooth alignment or occlusal (bite) disorders, TMJ/TMD or jaw joint disorders, diseases of the oral cavity including oral cancer and elective issues such as cosmetic dentistry. As with our other services, training, experience, and technology determine the quality of the restorative care we provide. Some of the exciting new services and technologies we offer include:

  • TOOTH COLORED FILLINGS utilizing state of the art bonding techniques and materials.
  • DENTAL IMPLANTS  The most natural way of replacing a missing tooth or as a way of stabilizing a removable denture. No more jumping dentures!
  • LASER TECHNOLOGIES to treat a variety of soft tissue conditions
  • PERIODONTAL (GUM) DISEASE  Non-surgical treatments to restore gum health.
  • TMD/TMJ Proven therapies for the management and treatment of disorders of the jaw joints and muscles.
  • INVISALIGN clear tooth aligners provide a comfortable, esthetic, no-braces alternative for straightening teeth. 
  • ROOT CANAL THERAPY Faster, safer, and more comfortable techniques for endodontic (root canal) therapy. 
The above techniques and technologies help us make the simplest filling a work of art and to make the most complex restorative case an easy, predictable, and comfortable experience. Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, whatever your stage in life, the Furey Dental Group is your intelligent choice for oral health. If this is the style, the level expertise and degree of commitment you desire in a dental practice than we would very much like to have you join our family of patients.



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