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Advancements in dentistry have made it possible to make just about any dental treatment comfortable but the creation of a truly relaxing and pleasant dental experience is a real art form.

It all begins with a commitment on the part of the entire team to make patient comfort a number one priority at all times. In fact, our staff was chosen based largely on their genuine compassion for others and their caring attitudes. Then we provide an environment that is warm, relaxing and puts you at ease the moment you walk in the door. Every move, every detail is intended to provide you with the most comfortable treatment you can get. 

Younger patients, who have experienced only this kind of care,  are often unable to understand why anyone would feel anxious or apprehensive about dental care.  In fact, many parents are surprised to find that their children actually look forward to their dental visits. An attitude that may have been unthinkable when they were kids themselves.  

We Can Help You With Your Dental Phobia

The fact is, most anxiety related to dental care occurs with patients who may have had unpleasant dental experiences in the past and have made a subconscious but powerful association between dentistry and discomfort. For these people, and there are many of them, even knowing things are more comfortable now is not enough to displace the feelings of anxiety and apprehension. They may even feel a bit embarrassed by these feelings, although they should not. This can, and often does, lead people to fear going to the dentist at best and even avoiding getting the care they need at worst. This condition may be so severe as to be considered a
dental phobia.

We understand these feelings and we can help. We offer the latest in conscious sedation techniques to ease the anxiety associated with dental treatment.  These include the more traditional nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia to the new oral conscious sedation techniques.  These safe and effective therapies can put you in a mildly altered conscious state (you are not actually asleep) that strips away the anxiety and allows you to relax during your treatment.  These tools have allowed us to provide even longer appointments, with the most apprehensive of patients, with complete comfort and ease.  Most patients report that they have much less anxiety about returning for future care and many patients require less or even no sedation as time goes on due to the confidence and trust they develop along the way.  With time and repeated positive experiences it really is possible to replace the negative associations people may have about dentistry with positive ones and one day you may be surprised to find that, like your kids, you may find yourself thinking,  When do I get to go to the dentist again?!

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